Club History

Can you tell us your team’s make up? How did your team come together?
Our team is comprised of Palestinians who immigrated to Philadelphia at a young age. We grew up in the same neighborhood playing soccer in the streets or any place that we had available. We were encouraged by our family to join our love for soccer and form this team to represent our homeland with honor and pride

How do you think soccer in general (and the Unity Cup in particular) promotes inclusivity?
Soccer is a worldwide sport that brings many nations together. It promotes inclusivity by creating environments where all participants are encouraged to flourish and be the best they can be. The Unity Cup upholds equality and equity as it breaks barriers and empowers all members of the community to join and celebrate this amazing sport.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about your team’s country?
Even though Palestine has many things in common with the Middle East such as hobbies, food, and customs our culture is unique. Despite the many conflicts, our country has produced many famous artists, scholars, and scientists that have made a difference in their field.

What places (such as restaurants, cultural centers, or groups in Philadelphia) would you recommend to someone if they wanted to learn more about the culture of the country your team represents?
There are no Palestinian restaurants per se in Philadelphia but many Palestinian dishes can be enjoyed in many Middle Eastern restaurants such as Saad’s Halal Restaurant, Kamals Middle Eastern Cuisine, Al Zaytouna, and Alamodak Restaurant. In addition, in Temple University a group of students have formed an organization called Temple University Students for Justice in Palestine. This organization offers information about Palestine to bring awareness to the community on the country’s reality.