Group J Preview
While Puerto Rico and Indonesia kick off not only Group J, but the entire tournament on September 8, two days later Morocco and Greece may be playing the most important match of their group. Puerto Rico comes in after their trip to the quarterfinals a year ago, but to make it back will have a bunch of tough challenges. It all starts with a retooled Indonesian team coming off their fair play award and off-season clinics and workouts. It gets no easier as Morocco and Greece both pose physical threats to the quick pace that Puerto Rico likes to play at. The contrasting style within Group J makes it a group to keep tabs on.
September 10, 5pm at 48th & Spruce – Morocco vs. Greece


Group K Preview
In Group K both Ireland and Mexico made it to the round of 16 last year, and both were knocked out by the teams who eventually played for the championship. That makes both teams very dangerous. South Korea managed to come out of the 2016 Unity Cup with a single victory, but it was in their final game and with a year to recruit they will be back to build on what they started a year ago. Cameroon is the mystery team in Group K with no friendly matches to report, so they’ll be a “wait-and-see” prospect. One thing is for sure: we’re all hoping Joel Embiid makes it out to a game to support Team Cameroon!
September 23, 8:30pm at South Philly Supersite (11th & Bigler St) – Mexico vs. Ireland


Group L Preview
Group L is the “group of death” for Unity Cup 2017. With Ukraine and Brazil alone there are two major contenders for the Cup. Add to the mix an up-and-coming Team Panama and Ghanaian team that were itching to participate, and this group has all the makings as the most competitive group in the entire field of the tournament. Two good teams will be on the outside looking in come October when the knock-out rounds begin.
September 8, 8:30pm at Ramp Playground (3300-40 Solly Ave) – Ukraine vs. Brazil


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