Golden Boot Update

Heading into the Round of 16, we have nine players within three goals of the lead for the Golden Boot award. Thales Silva (Brazil) and Vasili Laurankou (Ukraine) are leading the way with nine goals apiece. Meanwhile, Matt Poole (Ireland), Kevin Curran (USA), and Glenn Leitch (USA) are close behind with 8.

  1. Brazil: Thales Silva, 9 goals
  2. Ukraine: Vasili Laurankou, 9 goals
  3. Ireland: Matt Poole, 8 goals
  4. USA: Kevin Curran, 8 goals
  5. USA: Glenn Leitch, 8 goals
  6. Ivory Coast: Seydou Ba, 6 goals
  7. Guatemala: Santiago Caal, 6 goals
  8. Brazil: Vinicius Figueredo, 6 goals
  9. Haiti: Stanley Jovin, 6 goals
  10. Six-way tie, 5 Goals

A contrast from last year, trailing three goals behind the current leaders are last year’s Golden Boot winners Seydou Ba (Ivory Coast), Santiago Caal (Guatemala), Vinicius Figueredo (Brazil), and Stanley Jovin (Haiti). With a deep tournament run, any of these players can take home the Golden Boot, but there are still many other factors at play. Team Brazil’s Vinicius Figueredo could steal some goals from teammate Thales Silva, and Kevin Curran and Glenn Leitch are currently sharing the scoring for USA. This could open the door for players like Matt Poole and Seydou Ba to make up some ground and possibly take the lead. With eight games ahead this weekend, we are excited to see how this race plays out.