Club History

2018 Venezuelan team in Unity Cup

By: Raed Nasser

Do you have a home field where you practice or play regularly?
Mander Playground.

What made you interested in participating in the Unity Cup?
The love of the sport and the comradery.

What was your favorite moment from last year’s tournament?
Getting to play under our country’s name.

How did your team come together?
Social media.

Can you tell us a bit about the rest of your team?
Most of our players are guys that had to migrate because Venezuela is going through tough times.

What does soccer mean to your community?
Soccer means: love, happiness, comradery, friendship, networking, and more.

How do you think soccer in general (and the Unity Cup in particular) promotes inclusivity?
It is a great venue to keep connected to your roots and network with other countries.

What places or groups in Philadelphia would you recommend to someone if they wanted to learn more about the culture of the country your team represents?
Sazon (10th and Spring Garden Streets)

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about your team’s country?
We are a happy and warm people, very passionate about soccer, baseball, and basketball.