United States

United States

“Using soccer as a vehicle to bring cultures and people together”


David Castellanos, Coach

Country Represented

United States

Home Field

Ramp Playground

September 9, 2016

United States 4 - Ireland 3

September 17, 2016

United States 10 - Cape Verde 0

September 24, 2016

United States 5 - Haiti 3

October 8, 2016

United States 5 - Spain 2

October 16, 2016

United States 0 - Ukraine 0 (3-4 Ukraine penalty kicks)

Club History

What is your name and your home field location?

My name is David Castellanos, and Team USA plays at James Ramp Memorial Playground.

How did you hear about the Unity Cup?

My friends told me.

What were your initial impressions when you heard about the Unity Cup?

I thought it was fantastic. Having grown up in the city, it means a lot as it also helps to bring various communities together.

Why are you so passionate about soccer?

I played soccer professionally, first for the Colorado Rapids and then for a Philadelphia team.

What is your connection to the team you are playing for?

I played for the US national team and was born and raised in the United States. I am also the first soccer player from my family, and my brother coaches for Orlando City in Major League Soccer.

Is there someone in your community you look up to?

-My father, who was my first coach, gave me and others a solid foundation.

-Ray Reid, my college coach at the University of Connecticut.

What do you love about living in Philadelphia?

I live in Fishtown and view Philly as an honest, blue-collar city. I like the culture and see it as a sports town.

Do you participate in other leagues and/or tournaments other than the Unity Cup? Is so, which ones?

Yes, PDL (Player Development League): they recruit top players that they think will be drafted for college athletics and the major league.

Is there a tagline or quote that best describes your community?

“Using soccer as a vehicle to bring cultures and people together”

Where do you get your information/news from?

CNN, the websites of MLS and US Soccer Federation.

How are you promoting your team? How are you bringing the team together?

By using my networks and going to competitive leagues in Philadelphia. Open tryouts for the USA team will begin soon.

To learn more about soccer in Philadelphia, where can someone go?

-United German Hungarians.

-The various soccer clubs that exist in Philadelphia.

What place in Philadelphia would you recommend to a newcomer to America if they wanted to learn more about American history and culture?

The Liberty Bell and the areas nearby, like the Old City museums.

What is your ancestral immigration history?

My parents came here from Honduras in the late ’70s. They were blue collar, hard workers.




Unity Cup

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