Team Motto

"La H somos todos"

Club History

What is your name and home field location?

Abner Melgar. Our training camp is in Hunting Park.


What is your connection to Honduras?

I was born in Honduras, and I am very proud to be able to represent my country in this very important event.


What made you interested in participating in the Unity Cup?

The Unity Cup is more than a tournament where teams compete for a cup. It is, rather, a plan of intercultural integration. If there is something that has made the United States great, it is the cultural diversity. If there is something that is causing Philadelphia to become one of the cities with the highest growth, it is that same thing, cultural diversity, beyond isolating cultures, fusion and unity. I think that is what motivates me to participate with great fervor in the Unity Cup.


What was your favorite moment from last year’s tournament?

There are many unforgettable moments that I have from last year, but I believe the Parade of Nations when all teams from different cultures walked around the Citizens Bank Park representing their own country was the most beautiful moment that I can remember.


Can you tell us a bit about the rest of your team?

Our team is organized by going to the leagues and recruiting the best players. In essence everyone knows each other, and this makes it easier.


How has soccer made your life better?

Futbol in our country is the number one sport, it is in our culture, although it is true, in the last decade futbol has been hit hard by poverty and corruption, among other things. Honduras has always been on the futbol map of the world.


How do you think soccer in general (and the Unity Cup in particular) promotes inclusivity?

Personally, I was very involved in the field of futbol in the last years, and I think it’s one of the best ways to help our communities.




Unity Cup

Round one