DR Congo

DR Congo

“A united family eats from the same plate”


Benedict Tarr

Country Represented

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Home Field

Lafayette Elementary School

September 11, 2016

Congo 12 - Indonesia 1

September 18, 2016

Congo 3 - Lithuania 1

September 24, 2016

Congo 1 - Argentina 3

October 9, 2016

Congo 1 - Sierra Leone 7

Club History

Team CongoWhat is your name and your home field location?

My name is Benedict Tarr.  Our home field is at Lafayette Elementary School in Bristol.

How did you hear about the Unity Cup?

I heard about the Unity Cup on the television (NBC Channel 10 news).

What were your initial impressions when you heard about the Unity Cup?

My initial impression was that the City of Philadelphia wants to promote soccer in every section of the city and bring immigrant communities together.

Why are you so passionate about soccer? Why do you think that it’s so universal?

I am passionate about soccer because it is the most popular and widely participated sport enjoyed by players of ages, and it is played by both female and male athletes.

Soccer is a universal sport because it the most dominant game played by nearly all of the countries in world.

What is your connection to the team you are playing for? 

I am connected to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) by birth. I lived and grow up in DRC before migrating to the USA.

Is there someone you identify with as the biggest influence in your community either through soccer or in some other way?

Claude Makelele, a Congolese soccer player that had influenced our community through soccer. He played for several European soccer teams, including Real Madrid, Chelsea, Paris saint-Germain, Nates and Olympique de Marseille.

Is there someone in your community you look up to?

I look up to Jerry Karnly. He is a licensed soccer coach in the community. He helps to promote the game of soccer among less fortunate kids in the community.

What do you love about Philadelphia? 

I love the culture and arts of Philadelphia. Most importantly, Philadelphia is an international city. Immigrants are allowed to practice their cultures and religion.

Do you participate in other leagues and/or tournaments other than the Unity Cup? 

Yes, we participate in community tournaments sponsored by various immigrant organizations.

Is there a tagline or quote that best describes your community?

“A united family eats from the same plate.”  Togetherness is strength and unity; as long as we are under one umbrella, we cannot fall apart.

Where do you get your information/news from?

I gather information from television stations, especially news channels (e.g., NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN). I also obtain information from newspapers like the Philadelphia Inquirer and Bucks County Courier Times.

How are you promoting your team? How are you bringing the team together?

The team is promoted through our community, churches, and local organizations. The team has come together through community programs organized by our leaders.

To learn more about your team and cultural heritage, where can someone go in the Philadelphia area? 

You can learn about our team and cultural heritage in South Philadelphia at the African Cultural Center.




Unity Cup

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