Team Motto

"Leave it all out on the field."

Club History

What is your name and home field location?

Nermin Lizalovic. We do not have a home field. We use multiple fields.


What is your connection to Bosnia/Herzegovina?

I was born in Bosnia.


What made you interested in participating in the Unity Cup?

We were interested in the Unity Cup because we love soccer and we love to compete.


How did your team come together?

We gathered our players from our Bosnian community in the area.


What does soccer mean to your community?

Soccer is a way of life, like a religion to Bosnians.


Why do you think soccer is so popular around the world?

It is popular around the world because it is a beautiful game and does not require too much to be able to play, only a ball and a field.


What places (such as restaurants or cultural centers) or groups in Philadelphia would you recommend to someone if they wanted to learn more about Bosnian culture?

We are a very small community (60 to 70 families), and we do not have any Bosnian restaurants or stores in the area, but the only place I can recommend to learn more about our culture is the Bosnian Community Center (Association of Bosniaks of Delaware Valley-Philadelphia, or ABDVP) in Hainesport, NJ.