This weekend, the 2017 Unity Cup comes to a close: who will be this year’s champions? Join us on Saturday, November 11 at Lincoln Financial Field to find out! Check out the full schedule of Championship Day events, and read on for the final game previews.


3rd Place Game Preview
Jamaica vs. Puerto Rico – Saturday, 3pm
The major question in this game will be who can come with the motivation needed to get the win. Obviously both teams are disappointed that they didn’t push through to the big game at 6pm, but they did survive 44 other teams for the right to play on championship Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field. The free-flowing styles of both teams are similar; you can expect both teams to get numerous scoring opportunities on one another, especially on counters after one team is unsuccessful on an attack. Jamaica has seemed to figure out the scoring woes that plagued them early in the tournament, so Puerto Rico may have to shore up their defense. Puerto Rico will need to score early, something they couldn’t do against Liberia, if they want to keep pace in this one. If you’re a fan of offensive soccer, you’re in for a treat: expect a high-scoring, one-goal game.

Championship Game Preview
Liberia vs. Sierra Leone – Saturday, 6pm
In the main event, we get two teams who know each other really well as teammates and opponents through Junior Lone Star FC in Southwest Philadelphia. If you see them get into a huddled mess with a lot of yelling and screaming during the game, have no fear: it is just like a family argument over the dinner table! As for on-the-field action, both teams are hungry for the cup. Sierra Leone has believed it’s their destiny since they were drawn #1 in Group A all the way back on June 5. Liberia had a taste of the championship last year, only to see Ivory Coast swoop in to take it from them. This game will likely contrast the third-place game of Jamaica and Puerto Rico, as both teams will have to scratch and claw for opportunities to score on the other team’s top-notch defense. It would be no surprise to see another 1-0 match, or even a scoreless tie going into penalty kicks: that’s how evenly matched these teams are!