#1 Liberia vs. #10 USA

After an exciting semifinal round, we have our last two remaining teams. In the first semifinal game, we saw USA prevail over this year’s Cinderella story, Burkina Faso, 3-1. USA got on the board early after Burkina Faso scored in their own goal. With that, USA added to their lead, scoring a second goal five minutes later. Burkina Faso showed some life in the 30th minute, scoring a goal to come within one point of USA, but that wouldn’t be enough. Team USA added an insurance goal just after halftime to come out on top.

In our second semifinal game, Sierra Leone squared-off against the defending champions, Liberia. After scoring a goal in the first half, Liberia kept up the pressure but was unable to find the back of the net the rest of the game. Sierra Leone had numerous opportunities to tie the game, but thanks to the Liberian goalkeeper, nothing was able to find the back of the net. Liberia was on their heels for the final 10 minutes of the game after receiving a red card, but in the end, they prevailed.

Liberia finds themselves back in the championship game, facing a team eager to finally put an end to their run. Team USA has had their tournament run come to an end at the fate of Liberia in the previous three Unity Cup tournaments. They are looking to finally defeat Liberia and take home their first Unity Cup championship. If Team USA plays up to their ability, and they rely on the goal-scoring of Kevin Curran and goal-tending of Bob Mastrillo, they could make their dream a reality.

Liberia is trying to cement their names as a legit dynasty. What better way to do that than by defeating the home nation on their own soil? Both teams will come out fired up, so we expect an early goal or two from both sides. As nerves calm down deeper into the game, the more experienced team should prevail. In the end, we are excited for this match-up to play out, and cannot wait to crown the 2019 Unity Cup Champion.

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