Group G

Group G looks like it may turn out to be the most unpredictable group of the 13 groups in this year’s tournament. Ethiopia comes off a strong showing from a year ago, where they unfortunately ran into the previous year’s champion and were eliminated.

Ghana is battle-tested, as they were locked in a group with strong teams like Brazil and Ukraine a year ago. England and Peru are new to the party this year but are expecting big things, based on what we’re hearing in the pre-season.

It’s difficult to pick a must-see match in this group, but make sure to check out Ethiopia vs. Ghana on August 12 to see which African team best positions themselves for a first place group finish.

Group H

Group H may very well be the winner of the “group of death” title for this year’s tournament. Puerto Rico was a semifinalist last year, Team USA has had two impressive showings, DR Congo is undefeated in friendly matches this year, and Bhutan has sneakily become a goliath killer.

While all these matches will be important, the match on August 11 between Puerto Rico and USA will go a long way in deciding who moves on. Puerto Rico has been impressive in the preseason, and while USA hasn’t played a match yet, they are under new leadership. And with a new roster, they’re looking to make some serious noise. But do not count out the Congo, one of the most dangerous teams in the tournament!

Group I

Group I seems a little easier to predict: no one would be surprised if Ivory Coast cruises through the group. But Ukraine seems like a very solid number two in this group.

Sudan and India have their work cut out for them, and they both play the group favorites in the first weekend of play. If they can pull off even a draw, it could send the group into a situation where tiebreakers matter and one of them may sneak by!

Look for this group to stay as it seems: undefeated Ivory Coast, one loss Ukraine, and Sudan and India battling on August 19 for a group win.


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