Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico


Cristian Paredes

Country Represented

Puerto Rico

Home Field

September 10, 2016

Puerto Rico 5 - India 2

September 18, 2016

Puerto Rico 4 - Turkey 0

September 24, 2016

Puerto Rico 1 - Sierra Leone 6

October 9, 2016

Puerto Rico 3 - Argentina 1

October 16, 2016

Puerto Rico 0 - Germany 5

Club History

Team Puerto RicoWhat is your name and your home field location?

My name is Cristian Paredes. Team Puerto Rico does not have a home field.

How did you hear about the Unity Cup?

A friend of mine mentioned the Unity Cup to me.

What were your initial impressions when you heard about the Unity Cup?

I thought it was a great idea to bring people together, and it is a good opportunity to play soccer at a high level.

Why are you so passionate about soccer?

I am really passionate about soccer because it is what I played growing up, and as an immigrant I felt very nostalgic and soccer really reminds me of my childhood.

What is your connection to the team you are playing for?

My stepfather’s family is all Puerto Rican, so I grew up with them. I was adopted into their culture.

Is there someone you identify with as the biggest influence in your community, either through soccer or in some other way?

Jim Hardy, who was a great mentor for a lot of young kids and a big inspiration to a lot of people. I volunteer at his soccer programs and he is the main reason that I never gave up on playing soccer. His non-profit organization, called Kensington Soccer Club, provides a safe place for many kids in the Kensington area and many others from other parts of Philadelphia.

What do you love about living in Philadelphia? 

What I love the most about Philadelphia is the public transportation; it is easy getting around if you don’t want to drive.

Do you participate in other leagues and/or tournaments other than the Unity Cup? If so, which ones?

Yes, I participated in Philly Sport & Social Club soccer tournaments.

Where do you get your information/news from? 

We get our information from the Internet.

How are you promoting your team? How are you bringing the team together?

We are promoting our team by word of mouth.

To learn more about your team and cultural heritage, where can someone go?

Kensington Soccer Club – Community Advancement Through Soccer Facebook page



Unity Cup

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